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Cancer Care of a Higher realm for a Higher purpose.

Oncology Care Programs and Pastoral Counseling

Four Month Package*

Our Four Month Package gives you one initial, in-depth consultation with our oncologist, plus three additional monthly follow-up visits where your care will be reviewed. You will also receive concurrently, weekly pastoral counseling/Faith-growth sessions for ten weeks. 

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Unlimited Call Access*

In addition to either Consultative-Second Opinion program, you may purchase unlimited call access to our board-certified oncologist during traditional business hours.

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Group Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling is the unique and key component of the care we provide at Paideia Oncology Care. We provide weekly pastoral counseling for a period of 10 weeks, during the course of your medical cancer treatment.

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*Covered by Medicare and Medicaid

A Whole New, Comprehensive Faith-Based Cancer Care Program

As board-certified medical oncologists, we’re experts in cancer care.

We know how to best diagnose and treat your illness. In addition, to the knowledge of the physical ravages of cancer, we don’t ignore the devastating psycho-spiritual effects of your condition. We understand the significant feelings of distress, anxiety, guilt, anger, and that you feel God has let you down. But,by the whole-hearted embracing of faith and patience, we provide for you a better cancer outcome.

You need a place to turn, a shelter in the rock, and a God to lean on.

For a free consultation with one of our physicians, call (201) 906-6391.

Looking for a 2nd Opinion, or Pastoral Counseling?

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Welcome to Paideia Oncology Care    

At Paideia Oncology Care, we’re dedicated to providing you with the foremost cancer care, with the best possible outcomes. We take a faith-based, Christ-centered, comprehensive approach to the treatment of your cancer. 

Most doctors understand the value of a second opinion, and they are not offended when a patient wants one. Initially, we provide an in-depth assessment of your cancer by extensively reviewing your medical records. This includes analyzing pathology reports, imaging studies and appropriate molecular, cytogenetic and bio-marker data. We then provide an exhaustive, personalized and exclusive Consultation/Second-Opinion. In addition, we provide monthly follow up, remote monitoring consultative sessions for the duration of your treatment. This is done to insure optimal medical management of your illness.

During this period, you may choose unlimited access to our board-certified medical oncologists. But above all, and most importantly, we provide a comprehensive cancer distress management program. This program involves weekly sessions with a pastoral counselor which is, we  believe, the key advantage to overcoming your cancer.

Yes, by your Faith, we move your cancer care to a higher realm----right into the arms of God, the great physician. 

As a result, Paideia Oncology Care is leading the way in comprehensive cancer treatment. We will help you obtain a better cancer outcome, and even more importantly, a greater faith in God.  

From all of us here at Paideia Oncology Care, welcome!

Here's How It Works

About Dr. Graham

Dr. Peter E. Graham MD is a board certified medical oncologist, who has practiced Hematology- Oncology for over 40 years. Dr. Graham is a highly regarded and experienced national physician. In practicing medicine, he has personally witnessed the power that faith can have in eradicating cancer. Dr. Graham has recognized that this is the method that Jesus himself prescribed. In the Bible, “Your faith has made you whole” Jesus said time and time again. In this regard, Dr. Graham has developed a telemedicine program that emphasizes faith, intertwined with the best cancer treatment available via telemedicine.

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