Testimonial #2

November 28, 2018

Dear Dr. Graham,

I thought of your patient with DLBCL and I thought of you....

The note in my Bible reads “as Jesus taught, a sophisticated crowd gathered in Peter’s home. AND SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED! The event shows the EXEMPLARY FAITH of the four men and the miracle of JESUS’ POWER.

You are key to what GOD ONLY DID  for this patient. Your openness in the part faith-in-God was playing in fighting  the patient’s cancer made an opening in the MEDICAL PROTOCOL ROOF to position the patient directly in the presence of Christ. I believe your faith-in-God/Christ  sought and honored and acted upon, joined with the faith of others in Him.

Oh, my! What Christ has done for [Person]. ALL who have seen are AMAZED and praising God (who also would do such a thing?!

We and Christ are  loving hearing “WE HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS!”  Wish you were here to see and hear for yourself! Thank you for carrying your corner of [Person]’s mat that no one could/ or would carry in the way you did. You took a risk of faith. Thank You. Jesus showed up!