Testimonial #1

November 28, 2018

Dear Loved Ones,

I find myself wanting you to know what the Lord has done to your lives over the last year.

In February, 2017, I discovered lumps in both of my arms, some the size of peas, on the size of a golf ball.

March was spent in seeing doctors, having a port put in and having biopsiss, blood test, and a PET scan done. The diagnosis subcutaneous tumors of lymphoma. The specific diagnosis: Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a very aggressive, yet treatable kind of cancer. I was referred to Dr. Peter Graham, a medical oncologist. The plan was to start chemo in six weeks.

In mid-April, the day chemo was to start, we had 10 inches of snow, and our car got stuck in our driveway. As a result, chemo was delayed for a couple of days. When we saw the doctor, he was convinced that the tumors were shrinking, and he decided not to treat at that time. I  told Dr. Graham that people were praying for a miracle. When I asked what we're going to do next, his answer was, “We will keep watching and you keep praying.”

At our next appointment, some of the tumors  continued to shrink while a new one had begun. I told Dr. Graham that some people do not think I had cancer. He was emphatic. “You do have cancer and it is an aggressive cancer,” he said.  We asked what he thought was happening to my body. His best guess was that my body, without treatment, was producing lymphocytes to fight the cancer. It seemed Dr. Graham enjoyed watching the remarkable thing happening in my body, as I did!  although we all felt cautious, I could only think one thing: God was doing something unusual that the doctor had never seen. Spontaneous remission was the medical term Dr. Graham used. A miracle is  is what I began to be convinced God was doing.

(I know that my body is not that smart.)

While “watch and pray,”  where Dr. Graham’s last words each visit, he was careful with me. He ordered a biopsy of the new tumor. Once more, a delay occurred because of scheduling difficulties. By the time the biopsy was to take place, there was no tumor to biopsy!

The attending nurse and surgeon were the ones to be amazed this time! Clearly, something was happening to my body that these medical professionals have not seen.

All summer,  it seemed to God, without medical treatment for this aggressive cancer, was doing His work in my body. All was looking good to me.

And then, in July, a tumor appeared on my husband’s neck. It was deemed inoperable. This was very difficult for us.  Here, God was working in my body, yet my husband’s story looked like it was going to be very different from my own. You can imagine how hard this would be.His question as he saw God clearly helping me: would God help him?

At this time, I could see God doing another miracle. First God helped Mike  to feel His love for him.  I think Mike saw that God loved him very much even though his story would be different from mine. He gave Mike the grace to accept that God was going to take him home to heaven while His  plan for me was to be healed of the cancer and stay here. He soon began to call people to tell him that he was going to get to heaven before them!

Recently, I read “Sometimes the greatest miracles God does, are not to our circumstances, it’s in our minds.”  God to do a miracle in Mike’s  mind and heart and He  did a miracle in my body. Both of us were recipients of amazing miracles of God’s grace and power.