Telemedicine Protocols

Paideia Oncology Care via a web-based HIPAA compliant system that have the capacity to safely retrieve your medical records including medical images. With this information, it is as if you were in your personal physician’s office. Your telemedicine oncologist on review of your records, can provide a comprehensive cancer consultation, and monitor your treatment results.

The use of Paideia’s electronically delivered services is one way to help alleviate the absence of a comprehensive faith-based cancer care.  

  • Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technology to deliver health care to any population including those limited access to care.
  • Telemedicine has generally been demonstrated to be at least equivalent to in-person care, while improving access, and decreasing costs resulting in high levels of patient satisfaction.

When you partner with Paideia Oncology Care, you will see that the process is generally easier with less stress than going out of state to receive a second-opinion. In addition to the second-opinion, our faith-based Christian cancer distress management program, is without compare, anywhere. The Bible tells us that our first response to adversity is to cast our care on the Lord. In so doing, we glorify His Goodness and Providence.

If you are a cancer patient, a Christian and seeker of the best cancer care anywhere, get started by completing the new patient form which you can find here.

Once that is completed, and we receive your medical records, you’ll be informed to set up an appointment with our board-certified medical oncologist, and register for our unique cancer distress/pastoral counseling program, consisting of weekly group sessions for a period of 10 weeks.

 Paideia Oncology Care---cancer care of a higher realm for a higher purpose.