Second Opinion Package


A second opinion is a medical opinion given by a second, neutral physician about your medical condition, in this case, your cancer. Most insurance companies will provide for this service.

Paideia Oncology Care, after in depth and extensive review of your medical records by a board-certified medical oncologist, will determine the status of your cancer. 

The review will begin by gathering your records from your primary oncologist, including the results from your of imaging studies, pathology findings, cytogenetic and molecular data, lab results, and appropriate biomarker information. From this information, our oncologist will come to a diagnosis, stage, and prognosis of your cancer.

Given this information, our consultant  is able to determine, based on national guidelines, the best treatment for your cancer.

Our board-certified oncologist will then have a 1 hour consultative visit with you, the patient and whomever else  you wish to be present at that time. The oncologist will outline the nature and extent of your cancer, the stage of your cancer, and basis of his recommended treatment.

Our oncologist will endeavor to answer all your questions to the best of their ability, during the initial consultative visit. The hope is that we will provide for you a full understanding of your cancer, thereby relieving some of the distress associated with the diagnosis,  a necessary pathway for a positive outcome.

The initial second opinion consultation visit is followed by monthly follow-ups/remote monitoring of your cancer by obtaining follow up records from your primary oncologist. The duration of your package should be determined by the planned duration of your treatment.

The four month package will consist of one initial consultative session followed by three monthly remote monitoring sessions. 

The six month package will consist of initial consultative session followed by five monthly remote monitoring sessions. 

To begin, start your case by creating an account, then providing your information to us on our HIPAA compliant portal. In doing so, you'll securely provide a release of your medical records for our certified oncologists to analyze. We will safely retrieve your medical records from your primary oncologist in 5-7 days, while a Paideia representative communicates with you on it's status. 

Once we receive your medical records, you'll schedule an initial consultation with our board-certified oncologist, plus three additional follow up sessions. You will also have the option to sign up for additional, long term surveillance sessions, and for 24/7 access to our board-certified oncologists. While signing up for our 2nd opinion consultation, you’ll also scheduling your weekly distress management/pastoral counseling sessions, for a period of 10 weeks.   

After our staff has successfully retrieved your records, we’ll send you a confirmation email, and your sessions will begin.


Second Opinion Package: 4 Months

  • Initial comprehensive 2nd opinion consultation
  • Remote monitoring of your care
  • Three doctor/patient monthly follow reviews
  • 10 weekly pastoral counseling/faith maturation sessions
  • Unlimited Call Access (for an additional $200)



*We will submit your billings for Medicare/Medicaid/private insurance reimbursement

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