Pastoral Counseling


Pastoral counseling is the unique and key component of the care we provide at Paideia Oncology Care.

We know that God is ready and anxious to help those He loves.“ For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is loyal to Him..."  2 Chron 16: 9.

God is very interested in our afflictions.

He exhorts us not to fret, but in our distress, to seek first the kingdom of God, and all the cares we were fretting about, will be added to us Matt 6:25.

The main ravage of cancer, is not so much the body, but the psycho-social distress it generates. Every cancer patient seeks hope, but the Bible tells us, there is no hope without the acknowledgement of God’s divine providence, His presence in the world Ephesians 2:12.

The acknowledgement of God’s goodness and His providence is the basis of our dependence, our trust and our hope in the glorifying of God.

Paideia Oncology Care sees this, and administers pastoral counseling in this regard.

Our nationally renowned cancer centers claim to provide the ultimate in cancer care, but does not even look at the issue of cancer distress. We subscribe to the fact, that for the Christian, cancer is a chastening, and the chastening can be grievous, but at the end we are rewarded with the peaceable fruit of righteousness Heb 12:11.

We provide weekly pastoral counseling for a period of 10 weeks, during the course of your medical cancer treatment.


Second Opinion Package: 4 Months

4 one-on-one sessions

10 weekly group sessions


*Covered by Medicare and Medicaid



Second Opinion Package: 6 Months

6 one-on-one sessions

10 weekly group sessions


*Covered by Medicare and Medicaid